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ETL Testing Training FAQs

  • Online session is conducted with the help of webex. Trainer will share his screen with you and everybody in the session would be able to hear each other and talk to each other. It will be a very interactive sessions.

  • Yes. You can judge whether its for you or not. Course will be starting from module 1.
    In weekend batch first 2 classes are free as each class is of 2 hrs

  • Yes, in the course we will be taking realtime web applications and testing them through ETL Testing. We will also be making frameworks like datadriven and hybrid. Everything will be practical and on live websites.

  • Well, videos are better and elaborate. You can watch them any number of times. No limitations.

  • Yes these videos can help you clear interview but you will have to give time. Nothing will happen overnight and you will have to practice a lot.

  • Yes, in that case you will just have to pay for the videos now and later on when you want to join the online classes, you can pay the difference amount(classroom training cost less the video cost).

  • Yes, you will be able to hear trainer and communicate as well. We use webex for online training and its very successful.

  • Lifetime access to videos over 20+ hours in duration.
    We will also support you with your questions, doubts and help you implement ETL Testing in project.

  • Please do not miss a class. In case you miss it, you can refer to videos and complete the topics.

  • After first 2 trial classes are over, you can pay fee.

  • If you do not like videos, full amount will be refunded provided you report within 2 days of getting the access and making the payment.

  • Yes, we can help and assist you but we will not build the project for you. We can assist you if you are stuck.

  • After the course you will have lifetime access to materials on this site. All the updations will be reflected into your account.

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